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CONNECTS is a global, simple, and cost-effective B2B digital platform for your business development. It is the perfect solution for SMEs and start-ups.

You can find, create, and promote online business opportunities and communities through a global network of Chambers of Commerce, of which the Belgo Peru Chamber of Commerce in a Belgium a proud member.

Unlike professional directories or social media networks, every company on CONNECTS has been verified and approved by a local Chamber of Commerce. This allows you to approach trusted businesses directly.


Chambers of Commerce have been a staple of global business for centuries. However, with the rise of digital business, many Chambers of Commerce have struggled to stay relevant and up-to-date with new technologies. This is why we launched CONNECTS. Our platform combines the best of what Chambers of Commerce have to offer with the online digital experience. Members can access a whole new world of business opportunities, with the safety and trust associated with Chambers of Commerce.


What are the benefits of joining the CONNECTS network?

Working with Chambers of Commerce, the platform gives you access to trusted and reliable:

 ➤ Leads

 ➤ Communities

 ➤ Partners

 ➤ Clients

 ➤ Suppliers

 ➤ Skills

Still in doubt?

The following video will help you get to know CONNECTS better

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