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Dredging International

DEME has a leading position in a number of highly specialized and complex hydraulic disciplines. Through innovative thinking DEME is offering sustainable solutions in response to environmental future needs in various fields such as soil and sediment remediation, water treatment, coastal protection


Domo Investment Group

Domo Investment Group is a value driven and family controlled investment company, that focuses on the sustainable international growth & value creation of its portfolio companies. It's entrepreneurship is reflected in a a range of operations such as Alinso, Domo Chemicals, Dovesco.



The STEEN Fish & Poultry processing machine range is, thanks to our many years of experience in mechanical engineering, an industrial concept for processing fish in the most efficient way, meeting at the same time the strict requirements of the modern food processing industry (CE).



The company is leader in the technology for the self-healing of concrete. This technology is incorporated in the fresh concrete (mixed) or in the existing concrete (application + penetration). The technology will use incoming water
through leakages to catalyze a reaction that forms concrete crystals that will close the cracks. As the water is consumed in the process, the concrete becomes dry and waterproof. As a consequence the durability and life time of
the concrete structure will increase enormously. Additionally we sell products to offer a complete system for repair, waterproofing and protection of concrete structures in aggressive conditions.

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Labo Massa

Labo Massa Dental Cadcam technology computer edited design & technology

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International Distributors Partners NV

IDP nv  offers the whole range of logistic services connected to imports and/or exports of your food products.


Occupy The Tech Brussels

Occupy The Tech Brussels optimizes your digital performance by implementing tools and projects combining a systemic and strategic approach focused on e-inclusion Data-Privacy and knowledge exchange

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Air Eropa

Air Europa, the Spanish Regular Airline, operating since 1968. Your choice for Spanish and Latin American destinations.


OCEX Europe

The OCEX seeks to provide support in Europe to all public and private companies and institutions with concern and interest in the European Community market. 



To position Peru in the world through the promotion of its image, its tourist destinations and its value-added export products, contributing to the sustainable and decentralized development of the country.


Belgian-Luxembourg Chambers of Commerce Abroad (BLCCA)

There are 33 accredited Belgian-Luxembourg Chambers of Commerce abroad. They help promote bilateral trade between Belgium, Luxembourg and the country in which they are established. The Chambers are made up of entrepreneurs who know what it is like to run a business abroad. They provide a sounding board and support and help entrepreneurs practically in exploring new markets abroad.


Flanders Investment & Trade

Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) promotes international enterprise in Flanders. FIT does so by supporting the international activities of Flemish companies and by attracting foreign investors to Flanders.



BECI, the Chamber of Commerce & Union of Brussels Companies, represents thousands of companies in Brussels through its teams and departments, their interests and offers them many services to facilitate their management of their affairs.



AWEX is a Walloon public organization, partner of all Walloon companies wishing to expand internationally and is a one- Stop shop for any foreign company interested in setting up in Wallonia or extending its existing activities.


Viajar Contigo

With Viajar Contigo = Traveling with you, you travel in an authentic way and discover the real Perú. Let the story about this wonderful country be told by professionals that were born in their own town, making you feel as local. Enjoy the advantages of an individual and organized trip with Viajar Contigo. From Culture to Gastronomy, from North to South, we offer complete tours operated by one of the best tourist networks in Perú

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Las Mañas Restaurant

The restaurant has been in service for 3 generations. Rayco, Yapsi and Dad Miguel keep in mind the traditional Spanish cuisine. As a basis, the bomma recipes that started this place more than 40 years ago are should be used. The recipes are always updated. But the respect of the old culinary tradition is never lost in sight.



The story of VDB began in 1932 with the production of ice cream of Belgian quality. Ice cream is still very important for VDB Frozen Food. In addition to ice cream, we now also have a wide range of individual ice cream products such as ice lollies, water ices, ice cream in individual portions, etc. Here, too, we go for a good quality at a very attractive price.

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A. De Witte Group

For more than 40 years, the A. De Witte Group has been active in the fruit and vegetable industry. There are currently no fewer than 24 branches which are involved in import, export, wholesale, food service, packing, transport and other logistical services. 



TIMi is a young & dynamic company created in 2007 dedicated to the creation of high-end statistical software’s for data mining and predictive analytics. We are active in Europe (Belgium-Brussels), Latin America (Colombia-Bogotá), and additionally have customers in Russia (Moscow), United-States (Chicago), Africa and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).


Solid International

Solid International is a Belgian - Swiss private foundation founded in 2000 with the aim of generating economic and social impact on disadvantaged people throughout the world, through the experiences, knowledge and practices of the business sector.


Bright Glow Candle

Located in Southern California, Bright Glow Candle Company has been creating full line of religious, botanica, and decorative candles for over 30 years. As a well recognized brand in the Hispanic Community, our candles are second to none in quality and style.



​LN Knits is specialised in fair trade knitwear. The company consists of two brands: LN Beanies and LN Andes. All the products are handmade from 100% alpaca wool and while knitting 360 Peruvian ladies and families can earn a steady income. A part from the LN Beanies collection is still made in Belgium by a team of lovely grannies.


Peru Inca Reizen

Peru Inca Reizen is a Belgo Peruvian tour operator specialized in individual tailor-made trips: You can choose the departure date/the route of its programs or to change the proposed program, you travel individually and they will take care of everything in detail. They can plan a travel suggestion until it has become as you intended. It's the best choice on aventure and conventional trip

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InPeru - Exporting Peru to the World

InPeru promotes foreign investment and the development of opportunities in Peru as well as in its financial and capital markets. In addition, inPERU´s purpose is to strengthen the relation between foreign investors and its Peruvian participants


Belgian Foreign Trade Agency (BFTA)

The BFTA is a public institution founded under the Cooperation Agreement agreed between the Federal Authority and the Regions. The Agency acts as a vast platform in which the Federal competence of international relations and the Regional competence of foreign trade meet.


Are you a candidate entrepreneur, start-up, scale-up, small, medium or large company? Your professional activities impact Brussels?, the Brussels Agency for Business Support, offers you a wide range of free advice, services and tools to help your project be successful!

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Voka Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen

Voka is the Flemish network of companies that represents more than 18,000 companies in Flanders and Brussels, accounting for 65% of private employment and 66% of the value added here.


The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) is the governmental agency of the Walloon Region of Belgium in charge of promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign investment.


Port of Antwerp

Antwerp is Europe's most central seaport. Sea-going vessels can transport goods 80 kilometres inland, into the heart of Europe. This means transport via the Port of Antwerp to European customers and factories is not only quick and cheap, it is also very ecological.


ELAN Program

ELAN Program is a European Union (EU) initiative that seeks to increase and diversify the EU economic presence in Latin America by meeting the Latin America demand for knowledge and innovative Technology.


Belgo Chilean CHamber of Commerce of Belgium

The Chamber points to supporting the development of relationships between Belgium and Chile, and more particularly the strategic links established upon trade and financial exchanges, academic, scientific and cultural relations between the two countries.



If the Central American Region is of interest to you, whether you intend to buy or sell, to import or export, to invest or find out, to go on vacation or retire, the Euracen Chamber of Commerce is the right platform to start from.


The Offcial Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium & Luxembourg

The Chamber plays an important role in trade and economic relations between Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its main objective is the development of trade and investments between Spain and the states within its territorial jurisdiction.

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BelCol Chamber of Commerce

Belgo-Luxembourg-Colombian Chamber of Commerce contributes to the growth of commercial projects and promoting the trade and investment between these three countries.


General Consulate of Peru in Brussels


The Association of Exporters (ADEX) is a business institution founded in 1973 to represent and provide services to its partners: Exporters, Importers and Trade Service Providers.



​Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru help students and professionals to launch  their Business, enterprises to be more successful and ambitious employees to get experience and advance their careers in Peru and in the international area.


ENAMM - Escuela Nacional de Marina Mercante

According to standards established by the International Maritime Organization; Promotes the development of maritime consciousness, promotes the creation and dissemination of culture, scientific and humanistic development, knowledge, educational quality.


Cámara de Comercio de Lima

The LCC’s mission is to promote free enterprise and business development by enforcing its legitimate rights, facilitating new business opportunities, providing assistance and services and improving their competitiveness.



PROINVERSIÓN, a public entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finances, is responsible for the execution of the national private investment promotion polices.

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