Our Team

Carlos Cabrejos



David Navarro de la Torre

Vice President & Secretary General


Anthony De Clerck

Vice President


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Our members can count on the founding members and on the consultants dedicated for each activity sector:



Industry: Anthony De Clerck and Carlos Cabrejos 
Peruvian companies - import/export: Carlos Cabrejos and Mario Vinazza 
Machinery and equipment: Grimaldo Cuadros 
Gastronomy: Sara Carrillo 
Construction and real estate: Luis Enrique Rivera and Benedikte De Baets 
Ports/Maritime: Carlos Cabrejos and Kristof Cuadros 
IT/communication: David Navarro 
Textiles: Cynthia Bottom 
Tourism: Carola Van Raemdonck

Sustainable Trade Specialist and Coach: Guadalupe Amésquita P. 

General Consulting and Assistant to the President: Olam Sifredo 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for sector-specific assistance and membership at consulting@belgoperu.com