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Internation Business Week


On 26th November 2019, around 40 entrepreneurs as part of the International Business Week. They exchanged useful information and practical experiences about exporting to Panama or Colombia.


During Voka’s Week of International Business in collaboration with FIT, Voka chose to highlight Panama and Colombia this year. Both ambassadors Mr. Felipe Garcia Echeverri, ambassador of Colombia, and mrs. Yavel Francis, ambassador of Panama, highlighted the many opportunities in these countries. Marc van der Linden introduced successful Flemish sectors.

Finally Mr. Wouter Borghijs, Area Director Americas, DEME, about his positive experience in Panama and spoke to Mr. Degrave of Primoris about the establishment of their office in Colombia. This turned out to be successful with a 70% share in the labor market, but it also went with local challenges such as cultural differences and mobility issues. Networking afterward provided many insights for the participating companies. 

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