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​Thanks to our structure, we offer ad-hoc services, personalised actions and interventions to all our members, helping them to grow and develop more direct investments at a lower cost. We also provide support in the correct interpretation of the laws in force in Belgium and Peru. Via our partners in Lima, we can offer tax optimization services, litigation consulting, evaluation of contract terms and tenders. Our members can count on the founding members and skilled consultants dedicated for each activity sector. 


Industry: Anthony De Clerck and Carlos Cabrejos 
Peruvian companies - import/export: Carlos Cabrejos
Machinery and equipment: Olam Sifredo
Gastronomy: Sara Carrillo 
Ports/Maritime: Carlos Cabrejos  
IT/communication: David Navarro 
Textiles: Cynthia Bottom 
Tourism: Carola Van Raemdonck

Sustainable Trade Specialist and Coach: Guadalupe Amésquita P. 

General Consulting and Assistant to the President: Olam Sifredo 


For more information or enquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

Member Zone 

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