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24th April 2017: Official launch of Superfoods Peru - Superfish- at the Press Club Brussels

This 24th of April was officially launched the new brand of Promperu, Superfoods Peru – Fishery sector, in the Press Club of Brussels. The event was headed by the Peruvian Minister of Production, Mr. Giuffra, its Vice Minister of the Fishery Sector, Ms. Isabela Falco, Promperu Country Image Director, assisting the Peruvian institutions in Belgium as well as the 23 Peruvian exhibitors of the Seafood Expo Global Brussels and the high representatives of the guild.

From left to right: Mr Phillippe Wauter- Sales Manager at Frisomat , Diego Escalante – Project consultant at CCBP, Mr Anthony De Clerck- Vice President of the CCBP, Mr. Carlos Cabrejos- President of the CCBP, Mr. Bruno Giuffra - the Minister of Production, Helena Murguia  - Legal Consultant at CCBP, Miriam Caceres – Treasury at CCBP, Domien Decroos – Gold Member, David Navarro Torres – Vice President & General Secretary at CCBP.

At 6pm, started the ceremony and was animated by 4 different videos specially made for the event. Its excellence the ambassador of Peru opened the ceremony. Then, the Minister, Mr. Bruno Giuffra spoke about the important link between the efforts of the Peruvian farmers, their work and products recognition.

The director of the OCEX in Brussels, Mr. Luis Olivares Pflücker described the exports of Peru to the world ( fishery sector) and the place of Belgium in the market of seafood. Ms, Isabela Falco, explained the strategy of Marca Peru to the world and showed the stretched link of the fishery sector with Peruvian cuisine where the Nikkei cooker Misha (Maydo Restaurant – Lima) spoke about the importance of the understanding of the sea and the fishers.

The new brand will focus on the Super Anchovy, Super Chub Mackerel, Super Bonito and Super tuna. At 7pm the networking cocktail started where the Peruvian Nikkei Restaurant Chain Cote Sushi insured the catering.



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