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Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce and Industry



The Belgo-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the specialized consulting firms Belofloripa and Aliseos, organized the first “Latin America: Trade and Investment Day” on February 23rd, 2016 in Wijnegem, Antwerp.


Through seminars and round tables, participants could learn more about a selection of Latin American countries that have contributed to the impressive economic growth of this region during the last decennia. Each one of these countries has its own strengths, opportunities and inherent business preferences.
























Tuesday February 23rd, 2016


Frisomat NV – Stokerijstraat 79 – 2110 Wijnegem



15:30 : Registrations and welcome

16:00 : General Introduction by Mr. Carlos Cabrejos, CC Belgo Perú and Mr. Philippe Wauters, Frisomat

16:15: Seminar about Chile – Peru – Brazil

With confirmed presence of:

Ambassador Peru - Mrs. Cristina Ronquillo de Blödorn

Ambassador Chile – Mr. Carlos Appelgren

17:00 : Testimonial

By Vyncke – Clean Energy Technology

17:20 : Break

17:45 : Round tables

PERU – with Mr. Luis Olivares Pflücker – Commercial Office of Peru;  

             and consulting firms

CHILE – with Mr.  Jean-Paul Gueneau de Mussy – Aliseos

BRAZIL – with Mrs. Grace Keli de Aguilar Gomes - Belofloripa

18:20 : Latin American Gastronomic Cocktail

20:30 : End


The subscription fee of 50 EUR may be wired to :

Belgo Perú Chamber of Commerce

Hobbema str. 75, 1000 Brussels

VAT No BE 0558 904892

IBAN BE75 3631 4197 0351 - SWIFT BBRU BE BB

Each subscription receives an expense note.

February 2016: Latin America & Investment Day 

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